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About us


Sheng Woei Machinery

Precision Manufacturing, Unlimited Innovation

Since its establishment in 1966, Shengwei Machinery Company has been focusing on the manufacturing and innovation of vertical band saw machines with the core values of "responsibility, service, efficiency, and quality". We continue to expand our marketing network to cover the United States, Southeast Asia, Europe and mainland China.

We continue to innovate, developing from traditional bandsaw machines to high-precision gantry-type band saw machines, covering more than 20 specifications, and have a wide range of markets in Southeast Asia and mainland China. Whether it is soft products such as cloth and sponge, or hard products such as steel and graphite, our sawing machines can be used on a variety of objects, even achieving amazing results in cutting iron like mud.

We thank you for your support and promise to continue to provide the highest quality products and services with customer orientation and honest service as the core to repay your trust and love for Shengwei Company. We will continue to innovate and always maintain our leading position in the industry.

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